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- 26 June 2004

Winter's here again...

......so I get a little time to get back to the site. I've been back from Plakias. I'm slowly going through the site making changes to reflect what's been happening in the village. I hope you'll let me know if I've missed anything.
Writing this in October, it's good to look ahead to next year. I've already managed to get hold of the brochures from Olympic and First Choice.


.....the summer has been a strange time for me. In May, I had a 2 week slot booked at work for a Plakias break, but my lovely Mum was ill during this time. When she got out of hospital, and seemed to be on the mend, I booked a week in Kefalonia for a short break. (Nice island, but a week is enough!) Sadly, Mum died just before I was due to go. I did get there, a few weeks later, which was a nice chance to take take stock and chill out a little after a most stressful time. 

I did manage to get to Plakias in September. Had a great time - as ever. I never want to leave it a whole year before visiting again! A few changes to note as well: the temporary Post Office has been removed, and there is now a proper Post Office in town. After years with no 'hole in the wall' to get some quick cash, there are now 2 (although the second one wasn't fully working in mid September.

One of my greatest pleasures this year was to meet a very special little guy. This is Manolis, son of Sharron and Giannis at Ostraco. Click on the pic for a better view! And by the way - he loves playing with glasses!

28 October '02

It's a long time.....

....since I was in Plakias. Fate was against me this year, and I didn't make it in May like I usually do. However, this will be remedied soon - I'm looking forward to arriving in Plakias on Tuesday - yes, September 10th for two glorious weeks. I can't wait to see everyone again, and am especially looking forward to meeting young Manolis (below).

In the village...

... I hear various things - variable weather - the 'demise' of Glaros - the effect of the Euro - the new Post Office and so on. It will be good to get out and about with the camera and see everything.

On the site ...

... as usual, time doesn't let me get to it as much as possible. For the second time, I have had problems with the Bulletin Board. I hope you like - and use - the new version. It's beginning to tick over nicely again. Thanks to everyone for contributing. I know that the ultimate solution is to get one made especially for the site - but this involves all sorts of technical things I'm not too well up on. Maybe one day...
For now, I'll say Giasou, and let everyone know when there are more updates on the way.

One last thing...

...if you have anything which would add to the information on the site, please let me know. I will work it in if I can.

7 September '02

Wonderful News:
Most special to me is the news that Sharron and Yannis of the Ostraco Bar are now the very proud parents of a wonderful baby boy. Manolis was born in November, and to quote Sharron 'is just wonderful, everything I ever dreamed of'. (Click on the pic for a better view).
If ever I was looking forward to meeting a little guy - that's the one!
So many people have asked after Sharron, so I thought that Manolis should hit the web very early on!
Lovely Mum, Proud Dad and Bonny Manolis are doing well - and even Louisa is happy!

Winter always makes me vow to get working on the site, and get all the material I have stashed away live. However, progress has been slow since I returned from Plakias in September.
First, I had PC problems - which thankfully are now cured - and I have a faster and more reliable machine.
Work, however, has not been as easy to sort out. Not only has it been really busy, but I have had to spend a lot of time away from home in London, Croydon, Leicester etc. Obviously, this means I haven't had much chance to get new stuff on. Many apologies - I will just do what I can when I can.

I still get lots of requests for information - which I try to respond to. Please use the Bulletin Board whenever possible - you'll get a quicker response if you need information, 'cause if I don't see the message, the chances are one of the other regulars will be able to help you out.

Many apologies to those I still owe an e-mail - I always answer - eventually!

03 February 2002