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Interest in Plakias seems to have grown since I started the site - and indeed, since I first visited the village in 1984 (I think!). I have been receiving more mails recently - and many duplicate the same questions. So to make it easier for you (and me), I have collected together some of the points raised in mails over the last few years, and sorted them into the sections that follow:
Plakias telephone numbers
UPDATED June '04 What's the best time to visit?
What temperatures can I expect?
Easter in Crete
UPDATED June '04 Which Travel Companies offer holidays in Plakias?
What sort of accommodation can I expect?
UPDATED June '04 How/where do I change money?
UPDATED June '04 Bus information
Can I hire a car/motorbike/cycle?
UPDATED June '04 Where can I visit by car?
UPDATED June '04 Can I connect to the Internet in Plakias?
UPDATED June '04 Tell me about the Train
What books should I take with me?


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